19 June 2013 ~ Comments Off

LingoMatch Relaunches!

Today we completely re-launched LingoMatch.com.

It had been dormant for a few years while we screwed around trying Facebook apps, iPhone apps and iPhone games.  After all that we decided our first version was the best. We wanted to keep it simple. No more online “friends” to make, no more social networks to join, no more profiles to fill out.

What is LingoMatch? LingoMatch is a language exchange where you can create a quick free Ad to find a language exchange in your area.

How does it work? It works like a gumtree, craigslist or olx Ad but much prettier and much safer.

  • You login with Facebook. We only offer Facebook login so we know everyone is using their real identity.
  • You choose the language you’re learning and the language you speak
  • You write an Ad in a few sentence and you publish
  • You also have the opportunity to share yourt ad on Facebook or twitter
  • The whole process takes about 30 seconds.
  • Replies come directly to your email. The sender only sees your email address when you reply.

Why is this a big deal? Nobody has solved the language conversation problem. Solutions for grammar and vocabulary come in many shapes and sizes but for conversation – almost nothing. Its totally up to the learner.

We don’t want to take the place of language teachers or classes. We just want to make language conversation something much more tangible, measurable and accessible.


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